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GotSport AFA Player, Coach, and Team Manager Registration

There is an American Futsal Association Fee per player and coach. For team managers that plan to fill in for coaches or be on the sideline, the team managers will also need to register. Cost is $15 dollars per player and $20 dollars per coach/team manager to register.
The fee is good from August 1, 2023 - July 31, 2024 for all American Futsal Association sanctioned events.

Registration and Affiliation Process with American Futsal Association


ALL players need to complete their American Futsal Association 2023/2024 Registration.

Player Registration Link:


Coach Registration Link:


Manager Registration Link:


All Players are required to have a headshot uploaded to their profile and completed the program registration prior to being able to be added to an event roster. 

Go to and login. If you have forgotten your password, use the forgot password link to reset the password. Once logged in, use the instructions below. 

Parents: When you log in, you are viewing your profile; not your son/daughter. You need to click on family on the left-hand side of the page, then click on your son or daughter's name. You will be in their profile and can upload the photo (unless the club is supplying the photo) and birth certificate or passport. 


Here are a few reasons why a player may not be added to an event roster at this point.

  • No headshot and birth certificate or passport is uploaded

  • Program Registration Not Completed and/or Submitted

  • DOB entry does not match birth certificate or passport

  • Another document is uploaded other than the required birth certificate or passport

  • A birth certificate or passport is not legible to verify DOB

  • Error in the upload of the certificate or passport to verify DOB

Still Need help, Click on the Link Below for a full list of help articles for parents and players

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