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Players should:

* always turn up a minimum of 20 minutes before kickoff
* change footwear in the entrance area before entering the gym -- ensure safety on the courts and longevity of the shoes
* make sure not to wear casts, splints, eyeglasses, jewely, watches, earrings, metal barettes or long pants
* leave their soccer balls at home
* wear their socks over their shinguards
* not warm up with the ball in the entrance area or on the front area next to the game courts
* read the rules prior to play
* respect decisions of the referee

* clean up the bench area after playing

Coaches should:

* be familiar with the rules and policies as posted on 
* ensure that all players arrive a minimum of 20 minutes prior to kickoff
* ensure that all players change their footwear before entering the gym
* print and take your team roster to the game
* present roster to referee during check-in
* be prepared with a scorekeeper (when home team)
* provide pinnies in case of color conflict (when home team)
* remain on the bench/in the technical area during the match
* respect decisions of the referee
* have ice and medical supplies in case of injury
* make sure team switches benches quickly at beginning of halftime
* verify scoresheet accuracy and sign accordingly

* complete referee feedback form after each game

Review the following pages:

League Rules

Rules in 60 seconds:

  • no punting

  • no offsides

  • no slide tackling

  • switch benches at halftime

  • kick-offs and kick-ins are indirect

  • players have 4 seconds to take restarts

  • goal clearances are distributed with the hands

  • defenders must be 16 feet from the ball on all restarts

  • substitutions on the fly, but player must leave before substitute enters

  • beginning with the 6th penal foul in a half, kicks from the second penalty mark are taken

Please enter West Warwick Civic Center via the side main entrance and not the front entrance. The front entrance is only used in case of emergency. 

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