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About Us

Mission Statement

The Rhode Island Futsal Association is dedicated to promoting and developing the sport Futsal in Rhode Island. This will be achieved by engaging associations and clubs in an honest and transparent way through a learning environment for coaches, players, parents, and referees alike. We strive to achieve the highest level of professionalism, the highest quality of officiating and the overall best experience for all participants.


The Rhode Island Futsal Association is a proud member of American Futsal Association. It is the largest futsal organization in Rhode Island and is fully sanctioned and approved by the association.



Bill Sampaio, President of Rhode Island Futsal Association

Dan Guerra, Vice President of Futsal Operations & Marketing

Oscar Beltran, Vice President of League Development



Geoffrey Sampaio, Director of Player Development

Austin Dias, Boys Director

William Shepard, Girls Director

Pedro Miranda, Director of Goalkeeping

Kevin Arboleda, Adult Leagues Coordinator

Marcos Loberto, Senior International Staff - South America

Nuno Santos, Senior International Staff - Europe

Marliot Blanco, Personnel Director


Chris DeVerna, Member-at-Large

Howie Reiner, Member-at-Large

Anouar Benzina, Member-at-Large

Rhode Island Futsal Association Advisory Board


The Rhode Island Futsal Association Advisory Board meets four times a year with the objectives of helping the organization's leaders achieve excellence in all program areas. The advisory board is comprised of associations and club members, coaches, players, parents and referees.

Rhode Island Futsal Association is part of American Futsal Association. The programs continue to grow as coaches, parents and most importantly players, fall in love with the world's best indoor soccer option - Futsal!

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